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Holiday Hours: OPEN December 27th and 28th, and January 2nd

Guest Comments

Oak Table is somewhere I come to get nourishment, and not just the kind you get from food. I get my nourishment from talking to all my friends, and by making new friends. This is a place where I feel safe and everyone is very well behaved.

Hours of Operation

Lunch Served Monday to Thursday
12:30 to 2:15 pm
Coffee Available
2:15 to 3:00 pm

109 Pulford Street

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - LUMOSITY (a computer based program to increase memory, reaction time, decision making.
Wednesdays: ART DAY
Thursday - Cree Elder available


  • Mission

    Oak Table exists to work with participants without exclusion or prejudice to empower them to live safer, healthier lifestyles. Oak Table meets this by providing a safe place of Compassion and Hope, and resources to help address the financial, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual needs of low-income people living in Winnipeg.

  • Goals

    • To welcome with respect all those who enter; • To maintain a safe and welcoming place; • To offer coffee, a snack and conversation, and; • To provide information about agencies where further help is provided.

  • Purpose

    • To offer health and wellness promotion activities and information; • To provide skills development opportunities for community members; • To build community capacity for self-advocacy and development through activities which promote self-esteem and self-reliance; • To provide culturally sensitive and appropriate support to persons with mental health and addictions concerns; • To strengthen and build on relationships with community groups and local businesses, and develop partnerships to address common community goals and concerns; • To break down barriers of race, class, and culture, which divide people and lead to prejudice and discrimination; and • To be attentive to persons with mental or physical illness, mental or physical challenges and addictions.

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