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Urgently Needed: Volunteer Hairstylists

Guest Comments

I don’t have a phone, so this is the place I come to make my phone calls. An Oak Table volunteer taught me to use the computer. Now I can keep in contact with my brother who lives in Alberta. Before that, he had no way of getting in touch with me.

Hours of Operation

Lunch Served Monday to Thursday
12:30 to 2:15 pm
Coffee Available
2:15 to 3:00 pm

109 Pulford Street

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - LUMOSITY (a computer based program to increase memory, reaction time, decision making.
Wednesdays: ART DAY
Thursday - Cree Elder available

  • Mission

    As an expression of God’s love and concern for all people, we provide hospitality, pastoral care, support, health promotion and social development activities, referral and advocacy within a safe, respectful environment.

  • Goals

    • To welcome with respect all those who enter; • To maintain a safe and welcoming place; • To offer coffee, a snack and conversation, and; • To provide information about agencies where further help is provided.

  • Purpose

    • To offer health and wellness promotion activities and information; • To provide skills development opportunities for community members; • To build community capacity for self-advocacy and development through activities which promote self-esteem and self-reliance; • To provide culturally sensitive and appropriate support to persons with mental health and addictions concerns; • To strengthen and build on relationships with community groups and local businesses, and develop partnerships to address common community goals and concerns; • To break down barriers of race, class, and culture, which divide people and lead to prejudice and discrimination; and • To be attentive to persons with mental or physical illness, mental or physical challenges and addictions.

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