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Volunteering at Oak Table Inc. can be a rewarding and life changing experience. If you are a person who has recently retired, a student group who is interested in social justice or a church group that wants to contribute to the marginalized in the River/Osborne area, we have many ways that you can help us at Oak Table Inc. We need volunteers who care. CLICK ON ONE OF THE CATEGORIES BELOW TO LEARN MORE.

  • Lunch Hour Program: Short Term or Long Term Volunteer Opportunities

    We need people to be part of: • The Daily Set Up and Clean Up Crew • The Kitchen Crew • The Desserts Crew • The Active Listeners Team • The Greeting and Registration Crew • The Mentors Team • Clothing and Personal Hygiene Supplies Crew Please fill in a Volunteer Form today!

  • Are you a service or care professional? We could have a place for you at Oak Table Inc.

    Our guests at Oak Table Inc. require but cannot normally afford regular haircuts, chiropractic care and other services. If you have professional expertise you would be willing to put to use with our guests during a drop-in session, we would love to arrange a schedule for you see our guests, occasionally or routinely. Professionals we would be happy to include: • Chiropractors • Foot Care Specialists • Nurses • Hair Stylists • Communication Experts

  • Students, teams and other groups

    Create a team and commit to providing lunch for our Oak Table Inc. Lunch Hour Program. In consultation with Oak Table staff, you will establish the menu, bring the supplies, put it all together in an attractive presentation and then serve lunch to our guests. Other volunteers will be in place to attend to other tasks and the staff will provide an orientation. If you are interested in this sort of group effort, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

  • Put on a special event for our guests

    We are looking for interested businesses and other organizations to assist us in organizing special outings for our guests. An example of a special outing might be a barbeque lunch in a park. Pulling together such an outing would involve scheduling the event, booking a locale, buying or renting equipment, bringing foodstuffs, setting up necessary seating perhaps, and arranging for transport of our guests to the locale. If you represent and organization that would want to take on such an event, please call us at 204-410-2240 or email us at

  • Work behind the scenes

    We have several committees of the Board where volunteers are welcome to bring their expertise: Fundraising Committee – members who have an ability to coordinate events, look after ticket sales, contact businesses for donations, attend and support fundraising events held by Oak Table Ministry and Personnel – members who have experience supervising, hiring, conducting performance evaluations. Helpful assets: familiarity with the Labor Codes, compensation models and supporting employees. Finance Committee – understand financial statements, experience in making and using budgets in non-profit sector, willingness to involvement in corporate appeal Grant Writing Committee – writing grants to fund staffing, program and operational needs. Good communication skills, particularly written skills are needed. We need individuals who can operate within deadlines for submitting grants and submitting follow-up reports to the grantor.

Frequent Questions
What is the usual time commitment for the Lunch Hour Program?
Many people volunteer once a week or once every two weeks. The program runs from 1:30 to 3:30 pm so, depending on the exact assignment, volunteers may be expected to by on site as early as 11:30 am and remain until 3:30-4:00 pm.
How is the work organized?
There is a different Team Lead volunteer for each day of the week and job descriptions for each position. The Lead for the day coordinates the plans for lunch and communicates with and guides other volunteer team members.  In addition, the Oak Table Minister and the Volunteer Coordinator are on site each day to assist with problem-solving as well as to interact with guests.
Are there any policies or procedures that guide the performance of duties and the interaction with guests?
Absolutely! Click on these titles to view two key policy items: Safety and Respect Guidelines and Oak Table Community Ministry Job descriptions and other protocols will be reviewed during an interview with the Volunteer Coordinator.
What if I have to be away at some point?
No problem. Just let the Volunteer Coordinator know of an impending absence and your job will be covered by someone else.

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