Save the date for…Dan

"Dan" arrived at the door last week before we opened.  He has diabetes.  He was hungry and had not eaten for a couple of days.  He was clammy and sweaty and a bit disorientated, typical signs of low blood sugar.  Some juice helped him slowly balance out his sugars.  Dan needed immediate help getting his sugars under control, some food, and some help with  emergency food supplies.  We gave Dan couple of protein bars and a bottle of Ensure to take along, and they will help Dan avoid this sort of crisis.

Dan is vulnerable.  Everyone living on the street is vulnerable, but a chronic illness such as diabetes adds another level to that vulnerability.  Dan could just as easily fall into a coma on the street, where he might be perceived as drunk.  Left unattended, death could follow quite quickly.  Dan's story ended well that day, but the outcome could  be quite different.

Our Fall luncheon is set during the Thanksgiving season, and that is no coincidence.  The fall is very food oriented, with farmers harvesting their crops, and families sitting down together, giving thanks for what they have.  With all this focus on food, we also need to think of those who are food insecure...people like Dan.  The only table they are likely to sit at is a place like the Oak Table, or another soup kitchen or shelter.

That is why our Fall Luncheon is so important.  Thousands of people in our city don't have a pantry or refrigerator with enough food for themselves or their family.  Over 500 depend on Oak Table each week to provide them with a nutritious meal.  With food costs escalating we can expect this number will only increase.  Our lunch program costs about $100,000 a year.  We need you to help Dan and others who don't have enough to eat.

The luncheon is on October 20th at Charleswood United Church.  Tickets are $30 with a $20 tax receipt issued.  Call 204-416-2240 for tickets or click here to reserve your ticket.

If you can't make the luncheon, make sure someone else gets a lunch by sending a donation to Oak Table Inc., 109 Pulford St.,Winnipeg,  R3L 1X8  ......... or just hit the Donate now tab and donate on line.