A change of pace……for all

Summer brings with it a change of pace for many.  For some it's a time of respite from the normal routine which allows more time to dedicate to recreation, travelling, festivals, family, etc.  When you struggle to find food each day, fun as we know it, is way down on the list of priorities. At Oak Table we attempt to provide a respite for our guests from their normal routines as well.  Although our guests will not find themselves able to golf, travel, or attend our local festivals, there are still a number of things we can do to inject a little enjoyment into their day over the next few months. We just held our first summer event....a bbq for 203 people!

There is nothing that speaks of summer more than the taste of grilled food for those who don't have a BBQ.  Our annual trip to the beach is a highlight for many who have no other way to get beyond the city limits.   Feeling sand between their toes, the sun shining on their face, and the chance to take a dip in the lake to cool help create new memories of good times.  Ice cream, potato chips, pop, and watermelon are little luxuries we can provide for our guests, with your help.  Providing these little things is more complex than the few extra dollars it costs you and I at the grocery store or gas station. When you provide them for up to 150 people, the costs are significant.  We can't hop in a car; we need to rent a bus and driver.  We can't go out to our back porch and BBQ; we need to find a BBQ, and arrange for delivery and pick-up. We can't buy a box of drumsticks; we need to buy  40 boxes!

If you would like to help us provide some summer enjoyment for our guests and could sponsor an event or contribute to the costs, please make a donation.  A little pleasure goes a long way, and you can show kindness to someone else this summer!

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