No One to Notify
The air was filled with excitement, as those guests who signed up for Beach Day confirmed the details. "What time should I be here?", "How many are going?" "What time does the bus leave?" "What are we having for lunch? were common questions. Anxiety leaked through for a few of our guests, wanting to know how their ID would be safe if they went in the water, or figuring out how they would get breakfast that morning since they usually go to a soup kitchen each day.

Some things were easily solved. We would help keep wallets safe; we would serve juice and a muffin to everyone when they arrived. Other things, were not easily solved and showed just how alone in the world many of our guests are.... As we did our due diligence in making sure we had phone numbers and names of next of kin, or a friend who could be contacted in case of emergency we quickly found out many had no one they could name. No friend, no relative, no neighbour to call if something happened to them.

It is hard to imagine that someone could be so isolated, so alone. When our guests get hospitalized, we are their contact person. When someone goes in for surgery, it is often our name that goes down as their emergency contact. We are the ones who miss them when they are not here. We are their family.

Friday is a day at the Beach....but for those attending, it could be the only "family" outing they have, with the only family they know.

You can help make sure people have a place to go to and people they can call family. Please make a donation, and make a real difference in someone's life.

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