Love it …or leave it

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Christmas..... one simple word, yet it conjures up so much emotion as a response. For some it is a word that feels like a warm blanket wrapped around your body, representing family and friends; tender memories of Christmases past where love and safety, special treats and goodwill were in evidence. In many, Christmas evokes a feeling nostalgia where there is a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former time or place. All over the world people are trying to create a Christmas that is perfect. One only needs to tune into one of the many Christmas themed movies on TV to see all the troubles, conflict, worry, and isolation nicely tied up in a bow within two hours.

For others, Christmas is the most feared time of the whole year. Family violence increases at this time of year. People on fixed incomes find the pressures of the season overwhelming. Those without family find the isolation insurmountable. For those who are homeless, they may find the feelings of good will and good cheer prevalent before the holidays suddenly dry up.

At Oak Table we try and walk the line between those who love and those who dread the Christmas season. We do have some special meals, and special music. Most of all, we try and bring some cheer to all who enter our doors. We listen, we encourage, we engage, we provide, and most of all.....WE LOVE.