Seasonal change

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One can always tell when seasons are beginning to change in a small non-profit. Fall has a different rhythm to it. Summer staff along with volunteers who are teachers or students, head back to school. Cottagers reluctantly move back from their summer respite, and snowbirds begin the process of getting ready to leave for warmer climates in the next few weeks or months. People are often busy signing themselves or their children up for courses and activities that come with the new season. It is a time of transition for us at Oak Table as well; altering schedules and sometimes shouldering responsibilities until someone can move in and continue the work someone else started. We begin to gear up for volunteer recruitment as well as our fundraising events, which pay the day to day expenses of operating in an environment where our services are needed by more and more people.

Our guests can tell the season is changing as well. Those who live on the street are suddenly cold at night, even though our daytime temperatures are still quite comfortable. This is the season where blankets and jackets are needed at night, but are an encumbrance to carry around during the day. The days are shorter, and the mornings darker, leaving our homeless guests more hours of darkness where they need to keep themselves out of harms way.

As you begin your fall routines, consider volunteering at the Oak Table. Our volunteer application form is on line. If you are still in the workforce and can't volunteer during the day, consider processing some of our donated food after work, or making a donation to help us serve the under loved in our city.

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