Fun in the Sun!

Many of us can remember the words, "let's go for a drive" spoken in our families. It may have included an exploration of country roads and vacated houses on a summer or autumn afternoon. It may have included a swim in a local lake, or the inevitable trip that ended with an ice cream cone or an ice cold root beer. Being able to drive around our city, communities, province gives us a sense of freedom. "Getting out of the city", is the goal for many Manitobans each weekend of the summer. For those with the freedom to get in the car and transport themselves to another environment, it is hard to conceive of people's experience who cannot do the same.

More than 25 guests of Oak Table were transported to a green space with water for swimming, food for eating, and games for enjoyment. Our annual trip to Birds Hill was a resounding success. Hanna and Kira, our summer students planned and executed a number of games. Everything from a scavenger hunt to a water balloon relay allowed the participants to shed their daily routines to laugh and take part in some friendly competition for a few hours. Some put on bathing suits for their one and only swim of the year, and others simply enjoyed reading in the sun.

We are committed to providing a day such as this for the guests of the Oak Table where people can enjoy the expansive view of grass, sand, and water. Some tell us it feeds their soul because living in a densely populated city neighbourhood doesn't allow them to interact with nature this way. Although we have nice city parks in Winnipeg, it takes bus fare to get to them, and that simply isn't possible for many living on limited income. As soon as the snow starts to melt our guests begin asking, "When is the trip to Birds Hill happening?"

We are able to provide this day for people who attend Oak Table because of the support from people like you. If you enjoy going for a drive, or getting out of the city for a change of scenery and tempo consider making a donation to Oak Table. We need your help so we can continue to provide these rare opportunities for our guests.