Stories stay with us…

Text to Speech
Approximately 190 people joined us for a celebration at our second annual Italian Dinner on April 23rd. The energy in the room was positive and fun, with people chatting with friends, new and old. Plan to join us for our Italian Dinner 3 next April.

Christine Coltart was honoured for her commitment to Oak Table over the years. She began volunteering when 6 or 7 people sat around the Oak Table for coffee and conversation. Christine recounted several stories of the people she met while she volunteered, giving credence to the fact that is is the stories of our guests that stay in our hearts as they have in her's for the past 30+ years.

Stories are the gift we give each other when we make a true connection with another person. Stories are often what touches our heart and moves us to action. Our guests share stories everyday; many wrench your heart because they are filled with so much pain and despair. Yet, others are filled with hope; hope for a new beginning.

One long time guest recently had heart surgery. He boarded a bus last night to see his grandson for the first time, and his daughter for the first time in a very long time. He has hope for a new beginning.

Please donate to Oak Table so that we might be here for people as they share their stories of pain, despair, and yes, hope!