What is it with today’s youth??????????

How many times have you heard or even said that phrase?  Usually it follows something a young person has done, said, or hasn't done that leads us to shake our heads in frustration.  Here at Oak Table our experience is such a positive one when it comes to the youth in our midst, we don't find ourselves shaking our heads.  Here, they are seen as contributors.  Students from Murdoch McKay, St. James, St. Mary's, and Westgate Collegiate have all looked for ways they can support us and the people we serve.  They have done this through serving our guests, work days, food drives, and supplying us with many needed/requested items.  As a Practicum site for our University and College programs, we've benefited from the fresh ideas, focus, and energy their students have offered us.  The Scout troop out of Churchill Park United Church has stepped up by providing a meal and providing dry goods to Oak Table.  Niverville United Church's youth group has been a great support through sock and underwear drives, a drive to support our gift card campaign, serving our guests, and bussing at our upcoming Italian Dinner fundraiser.

These young people have been eager to serve; eager to make a difference; eager to do something worthwhile.  One thing seems to be a common denominator with all these groups; parents or  teachers, instructors, or adult mentors have helped shape their view of the world, and instilled in them a desire and responsibility to help.  So, whatever it is with today's youth...we are grateful to be a part of it!