A little extra help…..

Cameron lives with an Intellectual Disability.  His speech is limited to "yes" and "no".  Cameron started volunteering at the Oak Table last year, washing and bussing tables.  He started volunteering one day a week, and then twice a week.  Initially Cameron was more interested in finishing his lunch than getting to work;  and was ready to leave less than an hour after opening.  Over the past year Cam has formed friendly relationships with other volunteers.

Recently there has been a change.  Cameron has needed far less support than before. While watching  him wash tables before we open, it's easy to see the pride he feels.  He knows just what to do.  Over the past couple of months Cam hasn't been clock watching, and he's been a bit more relaxed about the time he leaves. Staying five, ten, fifteen minutes longer became the norm.

Today was a milestone event!  Cameron stayed an hour past his usual ending time. We are so proud of him!  Oak Table is a place where people can find support, encouragement and acceptance.  Cameron is a valued member of our volunteer team and is part of the Oak Table Community.  We need your support to help Cameron and others who need a little extra support to find their niche and contribute.