I’ll be alright ….

Text to Speech
Today was one of those days where there was a lot of pain interspersed with activity and laughter of the afternoon.  Body language showed Frances Bird, a beloved guest of Oak Table wanted to talk.  When I sat down beside him he wordlessly took my hand in his and placing both our hands over his heart, sat silently for a few minutes.  He then asked if I had heard about the murder on Tuesday night.  I had, but the details were few.  While continuing to hold my hand he began looking through his pockets and bag for the article from the paper. The victim had not yet been identified to the public.  "He was my brother," he said. As we talked his eyes filled with tears and made a slow descent down his cheeks.  "He's gone".  As he dabbed at his eyes he said "I was taught men don't cry.  I know I can cry here."  After a few minutes of conversation he released my hand, leaned in for a hug and exclaimed, "I'll be alright". He then asked if we had any cardboard so he wouldn't need to climb in the dumpster looking for some. "I need to make a sign so I can get to work and make some money.  I need to go and visit my sister. She doesn't know.  She will need me".  Almost to reassure himself as much as me, he repeated, "I'll be alright", and off he went to the bathroom to wash his face.

May it be so!

For Frances and others, Oak Table is where they turn when in crisis or need.  We need your help to be a Community of Compassion and Hope to the poor, the homeless, isolated, lonely, and those living with mental illness or addictions.  We need your help to be that place for Frances.

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