A Band-Aid is sometimes what we need

Today one of our regular guests wanted to take food to a friend.  His friend used to come regularly to Oak Table but it was long enough ago that only a few remember him.  Health problems over the years have taken their toll and HIV, COPD, severe joint pain and a significant weight gain limit his mobility.  He's out of food.  At Oak Table we see ourselves as more of a drop-in, than a take-out service.  It was easy for us to initially react with all the reasons we couldn't do this.  In the end we realized saying no wouldn't serve anyone well.  A conversation with the gentleman verified he was in need.  His need may be as simple as being short of cash at the end of the month or perhaps there is a real systemic issue that needs solving here.  In spite of that, today he was hungry, and our advocacy won't feed him.  Today he was hungry enough to reach out to us as a place he remembers feeling he belonged; somewhere he remembers as a place he could go in need.  A loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, some macaroni and cheese, and some canned meat seemed like something we could do.  To some, answering his immediate need may not seem to be much more than a band-aid.  Today, we applied a band aid.   When something hurts something as simple as a a band aid can make it feel better.   What really helps is knowing the person applying it cares about us.  Grace can be found in a band-aid.