Spread the Word!

Our volunteers are our best ambassadors.  Not only do they give of their time, they spread the word among their friends and contacts and bring in others to volunteer. Many of our volunteers come along with a friend and end up staying and getting involved in many ways.   Not only do our volunteers bring us more people power, but they spread the word and get their contacts, friends, workplaces involved in supporting Oak Table.  Over the past several months several volunteers (Cindy, Lou-Anne and Laura) collected socks, mitts, gloves, and food for Oak Table at their book club.  Laura's daughter, Andrea, works at avenue 4 communications and had Oak Table named as their charity leading up to the Christmas season. Their small workplace filled a box with socks, mitts, underwear, food, art supplies and a Safeway gift card.  Another volunteer, Sandra, connected with a friend who arranged a $2000 donation from the North West Company, allowing us to purchase gift cards for our guests at Christmas.  Denise's workplace, the Centre for Natural Medicine (again this year) put a gift basket together consisting of their services and sold tickets for a draw.  People were asked to make a cash, food, sock, or mitt donation to enter the draw.  We received 2 boxes full of donations and a cheque for over $500.  Lou-Ann's hairdresser at Kristina at Rituals In Hair and Skin, made Oak Table the charity for her customer appreciation event.  Again we received a multitude of support. Jane's friend talked to her workplace, Walmart on Kenaston, and they sent all their leftovers from their staff Christmas party.  Gus talked to his group at Holy Rosary and they are providing a pasta lunch.  Berna asked her friend Jane, and her sister Monica to help bake for the Oak Table.  They provided home baked goodies for our guests to take home 4x during the Christmas season.  Jack talked to his contact at Brydges and we will be their charity next Christmas.  Paul talked to a contact in the coffee business and gets coffee for Oak Table.

The list goes on, and although there are too many to name here, there are many more Oak Table volunteers who connect us with another service or donation that helps us provide a community of compassion and hope for our guests.  Volunteers can help us reach a little further - something no amount of emails, appeals or posts from an organization can do.  With a little help from our volunteers, a post can be shared, a ticket can be sold, a case can be made, friends and business contacts and workplaces can all be introduced to the Oak Table.  Think about your own influence within the community.  Who do you know?  Who can you tell our story to?  Consider how you can help.  You can leverage your influence to help Oak Table.  Keep us in your conversations...it makes a big difference, and we can't do it without you!