Love through the flaws


  1. Today at the Oak Table a young woman was excited to see a hairdryer on the giveaway table.  It had seen better days and had a piece of duct tape holding a piece together.  It was suggested she plug it in to make sure it worked.  "No need" she said, "no one would put it here if it didn't work".  She then leaned over and in a quiet voice said, "It's a present, for him"' referring to her boyfriend she introduced a bit earlier in the afternoon.  "He's wanted one", she said, "He will love it!"  She stuffed it in her bag and happily went on her way.

In all likelihood he will love it.  He will see the excitement and the pride in her eyes.  That duct tape will disappear .... Her love will cover up the flaws.

May you have the kind of Christmas where love will shine through and help you be blind to all the little imperfections.