Syrian Refugees – the very best Canada can be

Text to Speech Demo
CBC had an episode this morning with the Minister of Immigration talking about the refugees that have and will continue to arrive in Canada.  Close to 400 have arrived in Toronto and Montreal and there has been an outpouring of Canadian support to prepare for their arrival.  The Minister was right - this is the very best Canada can be.  Muslims, Christians, Jews, towns, cities, schools and neighbourhoods all doing everything they can to make them feel welcome.  The Prime Minister said they arrived as refugees and they will leave the airport permanent residents of Canada.

A recent article said Canada is the country where people have the most freedoms.  It is a great start for our newcomers.  Canada has come together to make it so.  It gives Canadians a hands on project all can work on from sea to sea; a common purpose.  This is a good thing.

As we support our newcomers; as we make them feel welcome in their new country; as we give in time, money, and physical things, let us not forget those people who are living in Canada but are the forgotten ones; the under-loved; those abandoned or estranged from their families; poor; suffering from mental illness or addictions.  They too need the very best Canada has to give.   These are the people who come to the Oak Table each day to be given a hot meal, a pair of socks, and a kind word.

We are Canadians - we have enough to support the newcomers and those already here needing a hand up.