What’cha Gonna Do?

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It's Here!  It's Finally here!  It's Giving Tuesday!

We've had some fun at Oak Table with this campaign.  The unselfies helped people think about why they give their time and money to Oak Table.  Although reasons for getting involved differ, it is evident people stay involved because of the people they meet.

We are lucky that way. Although people come and go because they are snowbirds or cottage goers, when the season is over and they are back in the city Oak Table is a routine they quickly re-establish.

Yesterday a donor supplied us with a brand new 100 cup coffee urn. This was a wonderful gift. We've also been the recipient of new warm socks, gloves, mitts, and flannel shirts people can use for layering.  Canned food has also been generously given.  There are many ways people give to the Oak Table and we are thankful for all of them.

Thank-you for following our posts during the lead-up to giving Tuesday and if by chance you are able to dig into your pocket and donate some money to the Oak Table, we would be ever so grateful.

Your donations make a big difference.  Our food alone costs over $100,000 a year to serve approximately 100-120 guests each day.  We count on $80,000+ of that through donations.  Please help by clicking the GIVE button below or mailing a cheque to The Oak Table, 109 Pulford St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3L1X8  Please mark your donation "Giving Tuesday"