The Countdown is On!
Over the past month there hasn't been much exposure to Giving Tuesday.  Some cities in Canada give it a lot of air time, but it hasn't reached our Western Province with the same kind of attention and support.  So, I guess it's up to us.  We know the crowds and the media have paid a lot of attention to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Coupled with the Grey Cup celebration, attention hasn't exactly been focused on those less fortunate in our community.  Tomorrow is a day we can give it some attention.  You can make a donation, share this post on your Facebook Page, send out a tweet to your peeps, or make a phone call to that socially minded friend you have.

Today's release of the homelessness survey confirms we have much to do in this city to help the less fortunate.  To put it in perspective Sisler High School is the largest high school in Manitoba - it has about 1800 students.  1727 people in our city are homeless.  Nearly the equivalent of the entire population of Sisler high school is homeless in our city.  You can do something to help the homeless, mentally ill, and poor in our city by donating to The Oak Table, 109 Pulford St., Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L1X8