Giving Tuesday – An unselfie thing to do

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This week our volunteers and donors have been busy letting others know why they are associated with Oak Table.  People from all walks of  life took a few minutes out of their day to put a pen to paper and tell why they volunteer, serve, give, or donate to Oak Table.  We decided to put a twist on the Selfie movement by taking Unselfies where the only part of the face that shows are the eyes. People support Oak Table because of the people they meet; because they can; to show compassion; because it feels good; because they like Oak Table etc. etc..  Whatever the reason, Oak Table couldn't open its doors without the dedicated group of volunteers that show up each week and give of their time.  We also couldn't open our doors without the generosity of those who give of their money.  1500 meals were served last month along with a multitude of coats, socks, underwear, boots, scarves, mitts and hygiene items.  Please consider donating to Oak Table so we can continue to feed the hungry in our city and provide a safe community of compassion and hope to the homeless, the poor and people living with mental illness.  We need you......join the unselfie movement this Giving Tuesday!  Mark your calendar and give to Oak Table on Tuesday December 1st.