We all have a story………

Back in July a few people showed a desire to share their story.  Four months later, we are slowly seeing them come to fruition.  Story telling is a process.  Not one person simply sat down and whipped off their personal story.  There was hesitation for some, unsure whether they wanted to share the most difficult chapters of their life.  There was satisfaction in seeing their story develop.  There were tears and anguish as some delved into their past.  For one man, the story was too painful and after discovering he couldn't deal with the pain of some events he decided to focus on parts of his life that didn't trigger such painful emotions.

These stories are a gift.  We have shared Brian's story and over the next month or two the stories will be posted and you will see the laughter and the pain, the hope and the fear in their words.  Handle this gift with care.