We have a new logo!

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Recently the OTCM Board agreed on a new logo to ensure our brand is fresh and contemporary.  A few months ago there was a blog about the meaning behind our name.  It is worth repeating.

A table – and especially this table – represents a welcoming place, offering warm food, in a warm place with a warm smile.  It offers the opportunity for resting or visiting, sharing, smiles, encouraging words and often provides a bit of time for guests to forget harm and hardship.  The oak-tree symbolizes enduring strength and survival, able to survive in all weather and provide protection.  The sapling represents a symbol of hope and new life.   A table made of oak – a great symbol.

Oak Table - a place where people can feel safe, protected, and gain their strength.  A place where hope abounds.


Thanks to David Puranen for creating the new logo.