What did you do this summer?

TTS Demo
A group of young volunteers will be able to tell their classmates and teachers that they made a difference this summer.  Today is the last day our Volunteens will be spending their time at the Oak Table.  Over the summer each group did a simulation to learn more about poverty, and gave them an experience to help shape their perceptions and attitudes of people who need the support of the Oak Table.

Each Tuesday a new group of teens spent time with us.  They worked on our bulletin board, packaged and cut vegetables, bagged hygiene items in individual packages, made posters to advertise events, and readied a donated computer for guest use.  They also played board games with our guests, bussed tables and handed out hygiene items and other giveaways.

Chances are high these young people will continue volunteering through their lifespan.  I imagine some will work in the non-profit sector once they enter the working world.  Others may be in positions where they make funding decisions or become donors to organizations like Oak Table Community Ministry.  Whatever they do, and wherever they end up we wish them well and say THANKS for the time we spent together.