Milestones to be celebrated…..
On August 2nd, Christine Coltart celebrates a milestone birthday.  There will be a big party Sunday afternoon to celebrate with friends and family.  As she turns 90, we asked her to reflect on her relationship with the Oak Table Community Ministry.  Christine was part of the Oak Table legacy and was visionary in making the Oak Table Ministry a reality.  She has a deep commitment to social justice and when asked why, she stated that there was no such term as “social justice” growing up. She said she was raised in a family where everyone was welcomed in her home, and that is all she knew.

Christine remembers the beginnings of OTCM and tells the story from the viewpoint of an active member of Augustine United Church.  She spoke about a promise the ministers made 36 years ago to be the church in the community who opened their doors to the public every day. Coffee was supplied and people gathered around the Oak Table that comfortably seated 10.  As an OT volunteer she would sit and listen to stories, never fearing for her own safety.  Christine is grateful she belongs to a church where there are  progressive thinkers who see the importance of inclusion.

When asked her feelings about the decline in church membership along with the increasing population of Oak Table guests, after a pensive moment of reflection she lit up and said “the spirit in this congregation is what keeps us alive!  We are doing the work we need to do, and a good way to do that is by supporting Oak Table.”

At the age of 90, Christine remains an active and loyal volunteer at Augustine.  Christine is also a loyal supporter of the Oak Table in ways that make a difference.  She is a woman of great faith and compassion.  Happy 90th Birthday Christine!