We All Have a Story………..

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Today a group of Oak Table Guests gathered together to talk about "telling their story".  We all have a story....where we've come from......where we are now......and where we hope to go in the future.  Our stories may include times of joy and/or sorrow; they may include times we felt in control or out of control; they may cause us to feel pride or shame.  Whatever our stories include, even though they don't define us, they contribute to who we are today.

With the support from a grant secured by 1Justcity, a group of Oak Table guests gathered today to think about sharing their stories.  Today we heard brief snippets of lives lived.  One gentleman wasn't sure if he wanted to share his story because there were things he wasn't proud of.  Another gentleman was eager to share his story in the hopes it would help someone else.  One guest has a hearing impairment, and we wanted to find a way for him to tell his story.  Another guest is able to sign and he was asked if he would interpret for us.  He said he would, and as a result, said he too would like to share his story.

We are proud of this small group of people for having the courage to look inside, and allow their story to emerge.  Maybe one or two of them will decide to share their stories with us.  Wouldn't that be our privilege?