Too Much Stuff?
Over the last couple of days I've had two door knob advertisements delivered to my home from "Got Junk?"  Here is a company that has made its fortune based on our continued need for "stuff", and their willingness to haul it away.  We accumulate more and more, cluttering our homes and our lives with so many things, we often forget we even have them.

Eventually, most people get to the point in life where more "stuff" becomes a burden rather than a joy.  Once we get there we can't even think of anything we want much less need.  We begin to treasure experiences rather than things.

If you've reached that point of not wanting more "stuff",  why not use those occasions in your life typically associated with gifts as an opportunity to make someone else's life a little better?

Here are some easy ways to escape the "stuff" and help the Oak Table:

Having a birthday? Anniversary? Mother's or Father's Day? Graduation?

Instead of gifts at your next celebration ask guests to make a dbonation of food or money for the Oak Table.

Instead of giving "stuff", think about donating the value of the gift you would purchase to the Oak Table.  You can give it in honour or in memory of a person of your choice and we will send a card letting them know of your gift.

Enjoy the time you spend with family and friends knowing you've made a difference.  Get out from under the "stuff".

If you would like a copy of our video, or some brochures to share with your guests, we will gladly supply them.

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