Bang for your Coffee Buck

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The long lines at Tim's, Starbucks, and MacDonalds each morning gives evidence to how many of us enjoy our morning coffee.  We depend on this little indulgence to get our brain cells into gear before beginning our work day.  For most of us, it is worth that dent it puts in our wallet over the course of a week/month/year.

The reality for those on social assistance is quite different.  For a single person, the allowance for food, entertainment and personal items is $3.96 a day.  Literally, less than the price of a Vente Carmel Frappachino.  Personal care and hygiene items are included in that $3.96 a day.  That includes things like shampoo, deodorant, razors, shaving lotion, soap, sanitary napkins, etc.  Most of us need only decide what size of coffee we will order, and not whether we will purchase food or hygiene items.

The total for food and personal items adds up to $27.72 a week ........... but what it really adds up to is the reason we need food banks, soup kitchens, and community ministries like the Oak Table.

Consider donating the price of a cup of coffee for a week to Oak Table.  It could buy the bread for 100 sandwiches or twenty cans of tuna.  That is a pretty good bang for your coffee buck!