Hungry? …………… More Are
In 2014 61,691 people were assisted by Foodbanks in Manitoba.  This is a 52.5% increase from 2008.  Manitoba had the highest percentage increase among all Canadian provinces.  The HungerCount 2014 report captures the reality of hunger in this first world nation. As a country and a province we are responsive to world crisis by providing aid.  It is important that we are good global citizens modelling compassion towards our neighbours.

In addition, we need to educate ourselves on the plight of our neighbours here at home.  Our social assistance rates for a single individual don't measure up to providing a basic standard of  living. In fact, there is a $9,838 gap between the two rates.  Disability rates don't provide a much different picture, showing a $7,102 gap.

The report has many recommendations for Canada to address poverty. Here is a link if you would like to read the report.  It makes it clear how desperately we need a national poverty plan that considers housing, childcare, food security and basic incomes.  Having enough food to eat is not a's a basic human need.