Block party Food Drive…..It’s that easy!

Sandra Hasenack, a loyal Oak Table volunteer, recently turned a block party in her neighbourhood into a benefit for Oak Table Community Ministry. She delivered invitations to all her neighbours to donate a tin or two of meat or fish for Oak Table. Over 100 tins were collected!

Thanks to Sandra and her neighbours for using a social event to make the lives of others a little better.

Here are some easy ways to make it easy to help the Oak Table:

  • Instead of gifts at your next celebration ask guests to make a donation of food or money for the Oak Table.
  • Hosting your book club?  Ask them to bring along a tin of salmon, tuna, ham or chicken.
  • Picking up your weekly groceries?  Add a couple of cans for Oak Table.
  • Click here to learn about our most needed items.
  • Host a dinner party or BBQ and have guests make a donation equivelent to the value of the meal.  Save your receipts and receive a donation receipt for the cost (up to the amount paid by guests) of putting on the dinner.

Its that easy!