I met Jesus – Sandra


I rushed into Holy Rosary, and passed Dennis sitting in a wheel chair. He sang out “Please can you get me a cup of coffee from downstairs?”

In church I couldn’t stop thinking! How he is ? The draughty door, no hat, his head just shaved”.

After communion, He was still there and so I asked “Were you frozen last night? Do you need a hat? “

I coaxed him to tell me where he had spent the night as the outside temp was -35 without the windchill. He mumbled, he had found a stairwell and chuckling said no one had kicked him out.

What an example of courage…

No entitlement, he believes God will provide.

His own plaid jacket is worn and thin and those denim jeans must be freezing his legs. How can he move that wheelchair in the ruts of ice and snow?

A man so marginalized by poverty, a man who has lived on the streets of Winnipeg for years but has no edge of sarcasm. Just a basic good person who believes in the goodness of others.

Raising the spirits of the folks passing him by.

I met Jesus on the way to church today. He was waiting at the front door in a wheel chair, cold, hungry, poorly dressed, nowhere he calls home, nothing but a powerful smile.