Everyone has a Story

1. Ev’ryone has a story and a song to share.Ev’ryone needs the message of love, peace and care.

2. Ev’ryone is our fam’ly regardless of race, For in Love each one is called to forgive, embrace.

3. Ev’ryone’s on a journey - pilgrimage of faith. Ev’ryone is my kindred, reliant on grace.  

John Wesley Oldham (Tuesday volunteer from Churchill Park United) Mon. Feb. 24, 2014

Verse 1 and 2, sitting at Oak Table welcoming table beside volunteer Maureen, around 2.35 p.m.

Verse 3 at 4.50 in Sobey’s parking lot near Kenaston and McGillvary. Three of the Tuesday volunteers (Evelyn, Mar and JWO) responded to Glenda’s morning email asking for help since two of the Monday volunteers were sick and one was away.

Re verse 1 - when I sit at the welcoming table I look out over the gathering, focus on their faces and say to myself "everyone has a story" and I realize the volunteers and friends at the tables all share and need the message of love, peace and care.

Re verse 2 - I see people at the tables and volunteers representing different races and cultures and realize we are one family.

Re verse 3 - Kindness and kin-ness spell a lot alike; Faith and grace sustains us for the journey.. Oak Table Community Ministry offers support, fellowship, hospitality and food to folks in need of physical, social and spiritual nourishment. It operates out of Augustine United Church in Osborne Village, Winnipeg.

John Oldham