Art on Wednesdays
oaktable michael and mandala

Wednesdays between 1:30 and 3:30pm, guests to Oak Table have an exciting opportunity to paint, sketch, do craft work, and more with four volunteer artists.

Anyone interested is invited to join us in a separate area where we share ideas, chat about art (among other things), and where delightful and always original, works of art are produced.

Artists from Oak Table entered a total of twenty-four paintings in the recent "Art from the Heart" show and sale for low income artists. Many of the artists sold one or more of their pieces.

One of our volunteer artists has produced greeting cards from their paintings.  These cards were sold at the show and later at churches throughout the city.  Participants received a per centage of the sales.

Wednesday afternoons are about discovering hidden talent and brightening lives.

Future shows will continue to display our artists' talents.